Webdav "Doesn't require authentication"

Since the upgrade to NC 17 and swapping my webserver over to nginx I’ve been getting these errors on webdav. I can confirm that I do need to authenticate to login. These errors break browsing via dolphin, so it’s a bit of a pita.

Any ideas on what to change in the config to fix this?

Unfortunately you haven’t mentioned in which context the message appears, login to Nextcloud, accessing a CalDAV ressource, etc. WebDAV is used for many things so that you should try to be more precise:

See e.g.:


It’s specifically when mounting the network share over dolphin (linux file manager). But I haven’t done extensive testing to see if davfs/windows have the same issue.


As far as I understood, this Iink describes a Nginx configuration problem which might cause that kind of message.

Well, rclone and windows file manager work. I’ll check into the link you provided - it might be because HTTP/2 is being forced in this instance.

Doesn’t explain why it works after repeatedly click “yes im sure” on every file transfer.