WebDAV causes server failure

Hey Nextcloud community. I’m facing an issue where ATTEMPTING to connect to my Nextcloud 11.0.2 instance via WebDav is literally causing the underlying Linux (ubuntu 16.10 server) to completely fail (won’t even respond to a ping). I suspect Kernel panic, but every log I know to check records nothing. Would love any guidance on how to even start looking at the problem. I did upgrade to NextCloud 10.0.3 Beta, just to see if that might fix anything. It did not.


There are no updates since 2014! There are lots of packages very outdated, get a more recent OS. NC should not be able to create a kernel panic on your system.

Wow, mistype. Running 16.10, sorry for the confusion!

If you can’t ping, server has kernel panic, this just appeared after you installed NC? I suspect that you have more serious problems with your operating system. Logfiles are in this case often very helpful (syslog, apache-log, …). if you really have no logfiles, do you have problems with your hard disk (full quota, broken file system, broken disk)?

It ran properly for several weeks. The only change that changed in that time is I turned on server side encryption. Nothing in the apache logs, nothing in sysog, system is healthy and has around 7tb of available space. OS was fresh at the time of install, which was just over a month ago.

I ended up rebuilding the server ground up, and it’s now working properly. Thank you.