Webdav auth error: Windows Desktop Client: Initial Connection fails

I have installed the the windows desktop client ( to sync my NC (11.0.0).
After entering server, loginname, password, the initial connection set-up fails with a webdav error message: “Es gab eine ungültige Reaktion auf eine WebDav-Authentifizierungs-Anfrage” which translates to “Bad reply to a webdav authentication request”.

  • the installation is in www.mydomain.de/nc and accessed via nc.mydomain.de/
  • login/pwd are ok on the web interface
  • I tested with a simple password (no special chars), no success.

What else can I do?


Did you figure this out? I’m experiencing the same error with my new setup of NextCloud 12. Any ideas?

seems you are not the only guy having this problem.
I created a new thread here: Client login fails with 401
which was already pirated by another one.

Did anyone of you solve it?