WebDAV (and Android Sync client) slow

I’ve just installed Nextcloud 13 RC3 on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server via SNAP.
I have migrated about 2,8TiB of data to it via R-Sync and did a full rescan. (I know: not supported, but worked fine after some hickups). I am using an https connection with Let’s encrypt certificates.

Now I am facing the issue that my uploads (and downloads, but less) take a very long time through the WebDAV connection on Windows 10. Also uploads from my camera (instant uploads) via the Android 3.0 app take a long time. When I upload to onedrive or another cloud service via 4G it is always quicker then to my own NC.

When I do a download via the web interface I get about 15MiB/s, which is about right since I am connected over WiFi and am some ways off. So that’s fine!

I have already found some topics about php-fpm tuning: like this one however: I cannot find my php-fpm.conf, probably because I installed via snap? Any help finding/tuning this is appreciated. I don’t think DB tuning will help, since the same DB is used for the webinterface right?

Also I am not sure what (if any) kind of caching the snap install uses and if this has any effect on the sync client/webdav?

I am running my Nextcloud on an Intel Celeron 847 with 8GB of RAM. During a webdav/sync transfer the cpu does not go higher then 10% (more like 3~5). The ammount of RAM used is about 700MiB, which seems very (to) low to me?

Any tips appreciated!

No one can offer any tips as to speed up webdav transfers? I hate to use samba and then rescan every time :frowning:

The snap image was build for the raspberry pi. I think one of the downsides was that you can’t easily modify the configuration (I never used it myself).

Giving your database more RAM would probably speed up many things, also redis as file-locking cache.

I wasn’t aware the snap was designed for rpi? I know there are images out there that are specific, but not the snap?

I would love to give my DB some more memory, but I don’t know how?
Also: redis as file locking cache. Would that improve my webdav performance? Or just the https:// part? As I said: the webpage and the downloads from the webpage are fine. Just the webdav part is not :frowning:

I’ve got the same question, WebDAV is slow, any alternatives or performance tweaks?

I understand Microsoft is switching OneDrive from WebDAV to something new built inhouse for similar reasons, any input from Nextcloud on this?