Webcron not working after nextcloud

Hello everyone.
So I’ve recently upgraded my docker image of nextcloud. And I have a cloudflare worker running for the webcron, but it isn’t working, and activating it manually does nothing too.
The logs sadly don’t return anything usefull.
I hope you can help, and I’ll try to provide more information if needed.

(And yes, I have tryed another post here, but that didn’t work, but I can’t find the link rn)

other posts related to docker and cron might be useful

I’m aware of these, but I’d like to use a webcron, since cpu usage spikes with running a local as well as a docker cron

Maybe the above mentioned issue is related to:

Ah, that’s the one I was looking for :D. Might try changing the log level later, but afaik there’s no real solution once again, and using ajax doesn’t really help either.