Webauth and 2fa

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How is webauth working in nextcloud. Now i use 2fa. When i enable webauth after login it still asks me for the 2fa code.

I dont think thats the way it should work. When enabled both i think when using webauth nextcloud should skip the 2fa code.

when not using webauth on the account it should ask for 2fa code.

Is there a way i can configure this like above? or is this not possible?

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Here is the issue.

And related project repo


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a i see.

so we just need to wait until it is working this way?

Yep, If you are on github you can subscribe to the issue (right hand side) to be notified on future updates. You can also click the thumbs up button to show devs this issue impacts you as well.

Unless you have something to add to those discussions it is best to not comment there.