Web UI only displays 20 items of a folder

I’m running a nextcloud 29.0.3 with apache and php 8.1.2.
Since updating from 27.1.11 the web UI doesn’t display all the items of a folder in the list views (only 20 or 22) and in the grid view (64 items).
If I search for the item (folder or file), I can find it and use it normally.
If I invert the sorting method (by name desc) I can list the tail files.
Sync does not seem to be affected.
Any clues ?

Can you scroll to the button and make a screenshot? Is there something like xx files and xx folders?

Maybe a JavaScript problem. Can you check it in another browser? Check also the filesystem e.g. /path/to/nextcloud/data/username/files/folder.

Yes it does display xx files and xx folder.
It shows a blank space between the last item displayed and the xx files indication.
I’m using Firefox and I’ve tested it with Chrome and Min and the result is the same…

No one ?!
Could it be cache related ?

OK, I found the culprit.
The Readme.md app is the one acting up.
Works normally on Nextcloud 27 but doesn’t on Nextcloud 28 and 29.
The app has been updated recently to be 28 and 29 compatible.
Some adjustments are needed…


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