Web UI Error - Symbols and letters

Hello friends.

I hope I write in the right place.

I have been able to use my Nextcloud server without any problem until today, when when trying to access it, I found a lot of symbols and letters instead of the user interface.

The nextcloud server is mounted on a docker container, running on a raspberry pi 4.

I know the server is working properly because I can access my files through the android app and the file sync is happening without any problem. Only the web UI is not working and I can’t find any solution to get it back.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Thanks in advance to the entire community.

  • Are you seeing this even at the login screen or only when doing certain actions?
  • What happens if you try in a different browser?
  • What happens in a private/incognito window?

I have been able to use my Nextcloud server without any problem until today

What’s changed?

  • Browser update?
  • Docker image update?

Also, check for clues (as to either what is going on or what may have recently changed):

  • Docker app container log
  • Nextcloud Server log

Whatever the cause, it seems that it is not using the right codepage or coding. If the server sends UTF-8 for example, and the browser interprets it as ASCII, it will generate a bunch of weird symbols. The question is however, why the server would have used a different encoding and (even if that were the case) why the browser wouldn’t be able to interpret it.

If you have Wireshark, you might want to check the individual HTTP responses look like. Are they also garbled?

And as @jtr suggested to try incognito, you have tried to delete all browsing history/cookies, or what some people do, compare with another, clean browser all together.

Thank you for your answers. The truth is that it is the first time that it happens to me and it has me bewildered.

Step up your questions:

1.- That is the login page through Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Tor browser, in Windows System. I have also tried from the same android browsers and shows the same.

The fact is that the server is working, because I can access the files by SSH, FTP and synchronization with the Windows desktop application.

2.- As I indicated above, in any browser the same screen returns me.

3.- In an unknown mode, the same thing happens.

4.- I have recently updated the image to 28.0.3, but it has been working properly with it. Also, the Windows desktop application is synchronizing folders (I have valued the possibility of being recharging the server and putting it in pause mode).

Recently I also activated the calendar function.

5.- The browser has not been updated recently. In previous updates, nothing had happened.

And the Nextcloud log:
nextcloud.odt (1,7 MB)

Many thanks for everything :handshake: