Web interface is slow

Good afternoon, I ran into a problem, Neckcloud, very slowly opens some folders in the web interface. At the same time, the load of RAM or Processor does not grow. Memkeshed works.
I sinned on an external folder, but it is connected and works fast enough, without it the problem will not disappear.
The update to the latest stable version has already been done.
It seems like this behavior began after changing the Internet provider, but the same phenomenon is observed in the local network.

Tell me what exactly needs to be provided to localize the problem. I apologize in advance if I take a long time to answer your questions.

you mentioned external storage app - from my experience this app causes the issue itself. see

for details. other reported CODE app cause system slow-down a well.

I have 1 external storage. And after I fall into it, in general everything works fine through the WEB. But other folders in the local storage, alas, are slow. And the root directory is just as slow.

У меня 1 внешнее хранилище. И после того как проваливаюсь в него, вцелом все работает нормально через ВЕБ. Но другие папки в локальном хранилище увы работают медленно. И корневой каталог так же медленно работает.

On my instance is local external storage pretty fast.

Disabling one of the 4 applications helped. Alas, I can’t say which one is specific, I haven’t figured it out myself yet.

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The reasons for this behavior are not clear at the moment, since before with the same applications everything worked as it should. Nothing has changed in the settings, etc. But the applications themselves were not actually used, since they did not reach them yet.

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Maybe this one. See RichDocuments built-in CODE causes significant slowdown/timeout issues · Issue #1282 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub

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