Weather widget won't use the correct location and time

Nextcloud 20.0.5

Even though I select my location, it keeps wanting to show the weather for a location that is nearly one thousand miles away. My city name, and the name of the location Nextcloud “thinks” I’m at, are not even close, so that can’t be the cause of the confusion. Nor is it using the location of my IP address.

On the dashboard’s weather widget, if I tell it to detect the location, it selects the incorrect location. If I manually enter the correct location, the widget simply ignores whatever I enter.

Also - The time that Nextcloud is displaying in the weather widget for the incorrect location is incorrect, for both my true location, and for the incorrect location. And - The time never changes. (But the temperature appears to be correct for the incorrect location that it is using.)

In “settings”, within “personal info”, both the locale and the time displayed are correct.

How do I make Nextcloud use the correct location and time?

I am in a similar boat. I believe it is displaying UT timer rather than local. In the user settings of Nextcloud it doesn’t offer a way to set designated timezone. I am in Canada which has 6 timezones. Nextcloud doesn’t acknowledge specifics only a generic country listing for locale language & not timezones.