Weather app - how to choose city by state; how to use imperial for wind speed and barometric pressure

New to Nextcloud, but I have most of it up and running well.
I added the “Weather” app, and I have a couple of questions:

Question 1: When searching for a city, the backend OpenWeatherMap doesn’t always find the proper US city. It seems to ignore our ‘state’ designation, and it’s very common that the same city name will appear in multiple states. How can I tell it which state? For example, ‘Paris’ could be Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Tennessee, Paris Arkansas, etc.

Question 2: Since all of my users are in the US and will use the “en_US” locale (and imperial measures), is there a way to automatically chose Fahrenheit, mph (wind), and inches (pressure)? Currently, it defaults to metric system (Celsius, m/s, hpa), so users always have to change that.
Furthermore, the ‘Settings’ only allow changing the temperature from C to F. It still shows wind speed in m/s (I assume that is meters/second) and pressure in hpa.