Weather app for Nextcloud

I can’t get Weather App to work. Put in a key from the weather site and then entered the city. No luck. I’m running on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Nextcloud 10 latest version. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

can’t put any city as it doesn’t recognize that exist

It doesn’t work for me too.

NextCloud v11.0.2

Weather 1.3.5

There is already a bug report with some hints (

  • create API key from OpenWeatherMap
  • integrate the API key into the app
  • wait 10 minutes
  • try again to add a city
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Hello tflidd,

Thanks for pointing that out.
I agree that the developer should tell us,the user, need to register for an API key before add a city.

If it now works for you as well, we can mark this answer as solution and follow the topic on github for further improvements.

There is no place to enter the API key once created (looking at the Nextcloud weather app, left side, settings, etc.

The Open Weather Map API key does not save in the Additional settings page for admin causing the Weather app to give the error: “Your OpenWeatherMap API key is invalid…”. After leaving the page and returning, the API key is no longer in the text field.