Weather app "Fatal error" after trying to add a City

Hi all, there is already an open issue on GitHub (The Weather App says "Fatal error" after trying to add a City · Issue #86 · nextcloud/weather · GitHub), the problem apparently persist.

My setup: NC V21.0.2, MariaDB V10.5.10, PHP V8.0.7, Weather-App V1.7.5, valid OpenWeatherMap API key registered.

In addition to the “Fatal error” message, the following message is flashed very shortly on the main interface when launching the Weather app:
`{{ cityLoadError }}

Click here to get an API key`

Wondering if other community members are facing this problem as well…

I’ve read that even NC21 isn’t fully supporting PHP8.x so far. Maybe your error occurs because of that?

Yes, of course, may well be the case. Well, I have also described the situation at GitHub, so let’s see.