Weather app clock and unit incorrect

NC 22 on linux server 20.04

I set the datetime on the server but weather app shows wrong time and temp units

I can do what others suggested and change "settings/peronal info/Locale to English (United States) and this will change the temperature units to “F” Fahrenheit.

So instead of trying to change the weather app widget for the time which appears to show advanced time of the current time, can we get a widget clock instead ?

Please provide a clock widget for current time instead of messing with the weather widget. I don’t know why they would put advanced time for a predictive weather app like this. Nowhere else in the world does this on any app except for the widgets in their current radar map that shows times and weather conditions for later in the day/week.

Anyhow Clock would be nice.

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I am using snap version of NextCloud with Ubuntu Server 20 LTS and I too have the same issue.

As user dashboard, weather app is showing 5h 30 mins ahead of actual server & nextcloud time.


well yes… we already had at least one discussion about that point here on the forum and the reason for it was: it’s a weatherFORECAST… because if you wanna get to know about actual weatherconditions you could just look out of your window. :wink:

ok. But you know that NC is a community-driven softwareproject? Which means: everyone could/should participate. So why not coding that app yourself?



Thanks for the reply

Sorry, I didn’t know and failed to search for it. So thanks for letting me know.

I am definitely ok with the idea.

It’s just that all other weather info giving piece of software in our mail clients or phone apps or browser or OS or such works in a way of showing present weather so got confused as if my installation is broken somehow with NextCloud weather app being a 5 hours 30 mins ahead.

Little more customization would have been nice, but my main need of NextCloud isn’t getting weather info so I won’t complain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not everyone is coder, there are some people like me, who are users :upside_down_face:


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I may do that


Yep. I’m mostly a user too but I know enough code to understand the dev docs so maybe I could make something or adapt something that’s already built. Perhaps add something to the Welcome widget or something.
I’m reading things now to see if I want to tackle this or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for me.
Maybe I could just add accuweather widget to Welcome widget somehow. OR openweather or something.

Looking into this now.


Some observations and comments on this subject:

  1. I’ve seen nothing that says the weather shown is a forecast. It may seem logical to assume that, since the time given is in the future, but it simply does not say forecast, or anything to suggest that it is. Plus, it would seem really odd, to give you the forecast, for a specific time. I suggest the time is wrong, and it is not a forecast at all.

  2. The time is right, but they should tell you, that the time displayed is in UTC. Well, at least it is for me. Check the time displayed for you, and see if it is in fact UTC or not. I suspect it will be UTC for you too. I’ve seen no settings for a timezone anywhere in Nextcloud. Of course, the timezone is set on the server side of things, and I did find it in the database, but it appears the weather applet isn’t using that information. But, picking the server’s timezone for the user, does not make sense, if that user is in a different timezone. It seems to me, the only way to properly solve this problem, is to give the user the option to set a timezone or have it automagically set by their location, and the weather applet should use that.
    But, lacking a user set timezone, they should by default, use the timezone of the location that is set in the weather applet. Since they have the location for the weather, it should be fairly trivial to figure out the current timezone in that same location. But this is not an ideal solution, as you may want to see the weather in a different timezone, but it’s better that displaying the time in UTC.

  3. The temp is displayed in the wrong units. There is absolutely no excuse for this, since the locale is set by the user, and generally that would indicate what units to use. You should be able to select the units of measure, because what locale you’re in, does not really indicate your preferred units of measure. I personally would prefer it to display both, since I regularly use both (that may sound odd, but my girlfriend uses metric, and I use imperial).

Sadly, I don’t have a solution, and I don’t have time to dig into the source code right now, but hopefully this information will help people make some more sense out of what is going on with this issue.

Everyone knows about this and unfortunately it’s not really what most users want to see.
It’s a known subject and I wish I knew how to create an option for this app that shows current time to match the computer and location and also show a little different forecast in the widget.

I think many users would like to see a more Accuweather type thing with Current temp and condition and forcast over the next few hours like every hour showing a small widget and picture of the condition expected for that time.

It’s a known thing and I’m working on learning nextcloud development to work on something for this.

Perhaps I can add something to the custom welcome screen dashboard might be easier for me then to create a whole new thing.

Anyhow, not what you wanted but it’s known.

For now it’s what the app does. I’m looking at paying someone at fiver to make something for me or at least advise on this.

Best for me so install a VM with nextcloud along with the development tools and welcome screen app to see if I can make something for this.

Welcome app needs a Mark Down rendering weather widget or some such thing. I’m trying to work on something but having trouble managing my time to learn more about this.

This will be fixed with NC24: