Weather APP API cert?

Hi Guys - My first install that really worked I purchased an Atom Server with 64 bit 1GB memory and he doing great. I wanted to install an app so I like weather.

I installed the Weather app I saw it in the screen. I put my city in and it said the Cert for the Weather APP API was bad and I needed to contact my Admin. (This would be me)

So how to fix it?

Also question - does the weather display externally or do I have long in to see the weather?



How did you install it exactly? Manually or via App Store? And what was the error message?

Ah I see, you are probably connecting to an HTTPS api which has the weather data. That certificate can’t be validated because the root certs on your server are probably outdated. Old Linux Distro?

Hi Bernhard I got it from the store on my device.
Not through the internet.


one question.
Have you applied for your API key at This Key has to be inserted in the App Setting. It should work then.