We need to properly update PHP to 7.2 on NextcloudPi. Help!

Here is the open issue on NextcloudPi’s Github account.

Upgrade in progress in branch php72 (link). I was waiting for the armhf redis php 7.2 package to be available, which seems to be the case already.

Does anyone know how to properly find + install this package so we can upgrade to full PHP 7.2?

nacho, [Sep 25, 2018, 7:56:24 AM]:
…I started to work on this the other day, didn’t have time to spend as much time as I would have liked to.
Basically we are on Stretch, so I tried getting Buster packages, but PHP7.2 support is not thorough, so I brought in Sury sources.
Those are much more up to date, but still PHP7.2-redis is not available, at least for armhf
It pulls some PHP7.1 dependencies, and I tried (only once) to run NC anyway and it wouldn’t work complaining that redis-php wasn’t available (it was, but PHP7.1)
I also tried downloading the latest packages from Sury Jenkins, and there was a PHP7.2-redis, but that made PHP crash, admittedly there was a mix of PHP packages from buster and Sury so not too strange.
That’s where I left it, didn’t have time to dig in any further
anybody done this already here that can point me in the right direction?