We need the option to mirror federated storage locally!

See server issue #8459 here. Currently, when a machine goes offline all storage it is federating also goes offline. Further, local data is much faster to access than remote.


  • I own and/or trust all of the federating servers sharing a specific folder I’ve federated.
  • I’m federating storage in the hopes of keeping it online when my machine goes offline, and I don’t want my server to act a single point of failure for federation.

See nomadic identity in Hubzilla, which is serving as inspiration.

“Nomadic identity means true ownership of online identity. With Hubzilla, you don’t have an account on a server, you own an identity that you can take with you across the grid. You can clone a channel across multiple hubs for resilience against network failures or censorship, or you can completely move a channel from one hub to another, taking your data and connections with you.”


I agree, that would be an useful optional feature. Alternatively an IPFS implementation with Nextcloud acting as a node would do something similar, see also https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/385

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