We need implementation support

We need support to install the complete Suite

I think you could help a bit here, already…
just by telling a bit about who is “we” … and what you want to have, exactly for how many participants

i am also ready to help.

need support to install the complete suite

next cloud office , talk , email , files



Could you please be a little more specific about what exactly you need help with. Do you want Nextcloud in a Docker environment or via an apache/nginx? How many resources do you have available? In which infrastructure would you like to host Nextcloud? There is a good documentation out there.
Greedings, @nihe

It would be helpful if you provided some basics like:

  • how many accounts?
  • how many expected simultaneous active users?
  • some context regarding the use case / business setting

There are highly variable ways of deploying Nextcloud and the budget can vary widely, particularly in terms of scale and reliability requirements.

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could we meet online and discuss

i failed few time using the docs

i need expert help