We’ll have a booth at Chemnitzer Linuxtage, want to join? :)

Hey folks! On March 11–12 (Saturday–Sunday) the Chemnitzer Linuxtage will take place again! And we have a booth there :tada:

I’ll go there and since more people are always more fun, how about some of you join in?
@tobiasKaminsky @juliushaertl @SunboX are you in, or do you know anyone from the area who wants to come? (@MorrisJobke is traveling unfortunately)

(Oh and by the way, Chemnitz has a nice Karl-Marx head memorial. :wink: If not for anything else, I’d recommend to come to see that.)


Hey Jan,

I will be there but I don’t know if I can attend both days right now. But I think so.



@SunboX awesome, sounds good! I will put you down as booth personnel for the organizers just in case, any help is appreciated whether it’s one or both days. :slight_smile: We can look through the Windows Universal app then too regarding design improvements.

@benediktg @juliushaertl @tobiasKaminsky is anyone of you in Chemnitz then? Would be cool to meet there!

@MorrisJobke are any of your buddies in Chemnitz then? :wink:

I am going to attend Chemnitz’ Linux Days. :wink:

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Cool! See you then! :slight_smile: You are welcome to help out at the booth – no obligation of course but help is very appreciated. I haven’t been at CLT so far so I don’t know how busy it is.

Oh and if you do help then the entrance is free – your name will be on a list there. :slight_smile: So just let me know if you’re in for helping and I can put you on the list. (2 spaces left besides André and me.)

Oh yes :smile: , but they are actually involved with helping out at CLT itself :wink:

Sorry, unfortunately I am at home in frankfurt at this weekend :confused: