Way to open app 'files' in '/documents' per default?


my folders on nextcloud are structured as follows:

– deck
– documents
–– work
–– private
– shared_from_other
– talk
– templates

most of time loading the file-app I want to access folder ‘private’ or ‘work’ – so I have to click twice at least. Is there a way to configure files to open in ‘/documents’ per default? If I need to access some shares I could use breadcrumbs-navigation to get back to root.

Thanks in advance!

You can try the app AppOrder

Afaik there is no such setting. But you could set a bookmark in your browser.

ok, yes, I could replace the default App Icon with a custom Link…

Where can I make suggestions to the app?

In the NC app store you’ll find the link to the developer’s homepage

its a NC core app…

I meant the bookmarks functionality of your browser. You could add the link to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser, then you need exactly one click to get to your documents folder. Or you could pin it as a tab, then you could just switch to that tab with one click after you re-opened the browser.


Thank you so far!

I don’t use bookmarks at all, since years… :sweat_smile: history suggestions in search-bar via F6 fits my needs.
But when I reached the website I normally navigate by mouse. Switching between keyboard and mouse is time excessive, in my opinion. And yes, I have NC pinned, but just in one tab, so switching between Apps inside NC brings me to the problem of a default files folder.

I’ll go to ask for this feature at AppOrder. But I didn’t got the relation of my question to that app. :thinking:

Yes now that you’re mentioning it, it’s probably a feature that would have to be added to the Files App, rather than to AppOrder…

Well if you put a bookmark with a link to “/documents” to the Bookmarks Toolbar of your browser the bookmark would be located directly above the icons for switching the Nextcloud apps. But yes, you would still have to click after you opened your browser. Or you could set it as the default startpage in your browser. But then you would have to click at least once for every other thing you’re gonna do in your browser.