Warning in storage used ? Quota storage


On the page showing the directories when I connect admin, the storage used is written in red, as if the is a quota


Do you know what can be the reason ?



Hello Thierry,

to be honest I did not get your point.

Are you questioning about the red bar?
What about your quota settings for user admin.

Best regards

I Rakekniven. Yes, I wonder why the bar is red. It looks like I am going to reach a quota, but I don’t know which quota. What do you mean with “quota for user admin”, linux or nextcloud quota ? Best regards.

Stay in your nextcloud user interface as admin.

Select user from right top menu.

Are there any quota settings for your users?

No it is illimited

You mean unlimited, or?

What about your disk space on nextcloud drive?
Please check on your OS.

Yes I mean Unlimited.
I am on a Virtual Provate Server with 100Go, it should be ok.

You are right, my disk seems to be full

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