Vuejs tutorial for dummies

Hi, I am a newbie in the Nextcloud community and I want to develop a simple app for it, so I want to develop its front-end using Vue.js but I cannot find and complete or clear manual for working with VueJs and the Nextcloud.
I found this link in another question but I cannot run it because make dev-setup command do not work properly and raise this exception:

eslint-config-standard@"^14.1.1" from @nextcloud/eslint-config@2.2
Where can I find a good step-by-step tutorial and related questions about the the Nextcloud front-end issues?

I just started trying to develop an app recently, too.

This short video was a good intro to Vue itself:

When it comes to the Nextcloud use of Vue, this is the best resource I’ve found:

I haven’t found a guide or tutorial yet, so if you come across one please share it.