Vue.js setup for app development

I am new to NC and app development and would like to create a simple app to play around. I saw that some apps are made with Vue.js so I’m asking if there is a guide out there?

I generated an app skeleton and played around with the PHP templates but unfortunately I don’t know how to create a Vue.js project into this existing app.

Thanks a lot for help :slight_smile:

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the best to explore how a basic vue app is built would be to have a look at

The main difference to the PHP templating is that with vue there is just one template with an empty div where the actual Vue app is attached to:

If you already have an existing PHP app, you might want to start by adding a basic skeleton to build the Vue app from the src/ directory. The essential files from the vueexample app are:

Please don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear or not working. :wink:



a long time lauter, but I got it run. :upside_down_face:

Two questions that I could noch solve on my own:

Is it possible to “allow” comments in the code without lint tells me it is not okay?

I try to show some charts. Best I would use But I can not get it run. Can you help me?
The including, Import and export Structure is complicated for me…

My repo where I’m working on:

Can you help me?

Is there any further guidance on building an Application for Nextcloud? The vueexample loads to a blank screen and the documentation on has been hard to follow. It seems the App Generator generates a notes app, but then in the tutorial Tutorial: Developing a simple files plugin you use that same notes app skeleton to create a files plugin? Is there no very basic app with everything not required striped out to understand how it is all connected? I’m sure this is just a beginner problem, as I am one, but it is hard for me to follow.

The app generator is not generating a notes app, it’s really generating a basic structure for apps but it has no functionality built in.

We’re working on publishing a series of tutorials for people who are new to Nextcloud app development, because we agree with you the provided guidance is too limited at the moment. Stay tuned :).