Vue 3 version update

Is there any plans on migrating Nextcloud to use Vue 3? Vue 2 has reached its EOL december 2023 and it is marked as deprecated. What I understand also is that it will not receive any fixes or security updates from here on.

Is there a planned migration to Vue 3?


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Not sure about the current state of things, but there are some pull requests about this for quite some time: Migrate to vue 3 + vite / vitest / vitepress for building by susnux · Pull Request #3565 · nextcloud-libraries/nextcloud-vue · GitHub

According to Migrate to Vue 3 · Issue #2154 · nextcloud-libraries/nextcloud-vue · GitHub there were some things to fix before the actual migration. I guess the migration Vue 3 is just a minor step.

Maybe, @susnux can give you a quick info on the roadmap (I would be interested as well :wink: ).