VPS for Nextcloud & ONLYOFFICE Server

Hope to be in the right Forum :upside_down_face:

I’m looking for a VPS to host Nextcloud & ONLYOFFICE Server to integrate ONLYOFFICE in Nextcloud.

As I’m not the experienced one with all this server stuff, I will need the possibility to do snapshots or backups of the whole server while configuring to have the possibility to go back after misconfiguration.

At The moment:
Max 5 Users
Mostly sharing files

Hosted Nextcloud often doesn’t offer all features, and who knows what might come with A.I.

Any experience here?
What can you suggest?

If you need more info to help me,
Pls. let me know
many THX

OnlyOffice documentation should help ONLYOFFICE Docs for Linux system requirements - ONLYOFFICE

You asked about this the other day and the answer is you need to consult OnlyOffice documentation / support as much as Nextcloud. Agree that it is :upside_down_face: , but also understandable since it is a different company with a different product with different licensing. :upside_down_face: :smile:

Based on OnlyOffice documentation I’d say to try a VPS with at least 8gb of ram, depending on your number of users. I personally found this to be not quite enough with just 5 users and bumped it up to 16gb.

If you add AI assistant you’ll want at least another 16gb of ram for running the data set iirc. For me I’d simply self-host this sort of setup, but not all of us are lucky enough to have high bandwidth connections at home.