VPS and big storage

I am looking for a VPS which has a large big storage.
I want to setup Nextcloud onto that VPS and store all my data onto the big storage (ca 500 GB).
Who can tell me where I can find a provider who has such a service. My budget is max. € 20.00/month.
At this moment I have Dropbox Plus. With Dropbox Plus I can login with only 1 name…


Netcup has root servers where you can choose between a SSD or a SAS hard-drive. The latter offers a lot of (slower) storage, see:
(For some reason the netcup.eu English site doesn’t offer the 12 months order rebate, so I am linking the German site).
If you click on “storage” you can even get a 1.5 TB option for your budget and that system should be just fast enough if you only plan to have a few users.

They have images with Nextcloud pre-configured.

(I am not affiliated, but the offer seems good, here is a German review I found while googling: http://www.webhosterwissen.de/vserver/netcup/ ).

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Transip has a Big Storage option you can add to your VPS.
If you take their cheapest VPS, you pay € 10/month, and you can add 2TB of Big Storage to it for € 10/month.


So a total of € 20 per month for 2TB.
It’s a Dutch company with data center in Amsterdam. They offer excellent and friendly customer support.

You can also easily add extra RAM, CPU, Storage afterwards if you decide you want a bit more.

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Another solution could be to rend a cheap VPS around 10€, with a few cores and a few gigabytes of RAM. Then rent Dropbox 1TB for ~8€/month with a one year subscription. Then use Dropbox as external storage within Nextcloud. If you are concern about Dropbox just encrypt the external storage, so Dropbox will never see your real data.

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Thank you. That offer is nice.
Is it possible to take a VPS 200 G8 only for the setup of Nextcloud and a Storage Server S 1000 G7 to store the data of the VPS?

Guido van Harten

You might be able to mount it somehow as an external storage, but I don’t think that will be a very satisfactory solution. You can however order directly additional storage for your VPS, see:

I ordered the smallest root server from them a few days ago, and so far it seems working really well. Didn’t do any heavy tasks on it yet though.