VM to Container migration give Internal Server Error for migrated users


Im trying to migrate from a vm running Ubutnu and Nextcloud 28.05. I backed up the data base to .sql created a mysql container and imported the database. My data directory is a NFS share so I created a bind to that mount to the nextcloud data directory.
I used the same version of container as my vm’s nextcloud 28.05 filled in all the needed enviroment variables.
Booted the container went through the install.
When I logged in using the admin account that the installer made it works. I can go to the admin section and see all the users from the imported database.
All seems good until I log out and then try to log in to one of the old imported users and I get an Internal Server Error.
I have tried different browsers. Its had to see the apache logs in the container but the nextcloud logs in the data directory dont seem to show much.

Does any one have any ideas? I tried to do a file scan using occ and a repair. It didnt help.
Im trying to get my nextcloud instance away from the apache server with wordpress websites running. The are constantly getting hacked…

Thanks in advance,