VM Server support?

So I am aware that nextcloud offers appliance installs, but my question is like some NAS drives, can it support hosting virtual machines?

I’m asking this because I may want to host my own VPS on a website that I’m already paying for space.

Is this possible?

Sorry, i´m struggeling hard understanding your question.

Trying to get my head around this:

First: An appliance (as i understand it) is a virtual machine (VM) wich hosts a LAMP STack and a Nextlcoud on top of it, preconfigured to deploy and run with minimal configuration required.

NAS drives sometimes offer a nextcloud install, that is a snap or similar autodeployed on the hosthardware, in this case a NAS. The NAS is in this case not hosting a VM but rather hosting a webserver dircetly.

You can of course put the Virtual disks on a NAS, but i guess this is not what we are talking about here.

Where is your VPS and what product do you own. Please state what kind of access do you have to your vps.

Please clearify as much as possible.

I have shared hosting for my website. What I’m looking for is a guest hosted OS IN my nextcloud config. Like Windows Server and Hyper-V or Linux Server and KVM… maybe.

I want to install nextcloud in my shared hosting, then install a guest OS, preferably with a GUI.

I guess the VPS I am paying for is from Vultr. But it is slow and I can barely do anything on it.

I currently only have a cell WiFi hotspot and no actual internet and it’s bad when downloading things, and I want to consolidate my bills.

Sorry my friend. Nextcloud is not a Hypervisor. It will not work that way.