VM initial setup

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I have other issues, but before I dig into those I do want to ensure I’ve at least got step 1 out of the way.
I installed the VM in my ESXi. Booted, ran the startup script, everything said successful (at least I thought it did).
I can get into it via web no issue. Settings are settable/etc…
However anytime I run sudo -i it re-runs the script, and in reading it says if that happens I should re start the VM install process. Had I checked this at time I started then fine, but I’m already a few weeks into config when I first noticed this (most stuff I’ve just done with sudo and the command itslef).
If I don’t want to start from scratch how do I fix it so running sudo -i isn’t always restarting that script? Other than just deleting the script of course, I want to actually fix whatever I’ve done wrong.
Right now I type in sudo -i and I get a pink background the script running.
Click ok to conitnue and it goes back to black for a short time then retuns to the pink screen saying "YOu probably see this messsage if the user ncadmin does not exist… I’m logged into the VM via SSH with the ncadmin account though. It askes if I want to abort, I click NO.
Then get the message that the script is designed to be run only once, and of course this same screen says for VM to delete the VM and reimport then try the script again. But then I’d lose any configuration I’ve actually been happy with.
I’d appreciate any guidence I can get please.

I’m up to date Nextcloud Hub 8