VM Daily Backup Script—Need Clarification

I use the Nextcloud VM system that Hansson-IT graciously maintains, and am very happy with it. I have actually used their installation script to install it on bare metal several times, which is how the instance in question is configured, but that’s not really relevant to my question.

My question is this: I’ve been running with no backup since I migrated to my current physical server, and that frightens me. I finally got around to designating an old hard drive for its backup, and tried unsuccessfully to configure it for backup using the built-in daily backup script. I simply cannot determine what it is expecting a usable backup device to look like. I have it formatted BTRFS (not going to use NTFS on Linux as a backup device LOL) and have tried having it manually premounted and not premounted. Does it need a particular mount point name? Volume label? This script looks like it’s just what I need but I simply can’t get anywhere with it because I’m not understanding what it expects. Only SMB provides some built-in clues, and I have no wish to use that for this.

Can someone more familiar with this script help me give it what it expects? I am a little surprised that this is not apparently better documented as I did quite a bit of searching before posting here and found nothing.

Here is what it is looking for: vm/daily-backup-wizard.sh at 9efe6ee7e25cc17553d7c9e9ca88fd5a560a3112 · nextcloud/vm · GitHub


My hero again. :slight_smile: Thank you for this; I’ll play with the commands in my instance and try to determine why it isn’t finding my btrfs filesystem even though it exists. Based on my relatively limited understanding of Linux it looks like it is simply looking for any btrfs volume that exists and isn’t set to automount, correct?

As a curiosity, why was NTFS chosen for inclusion as an acceptable option but EXT3 was not?

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Because only scripts for NTFS and BTRFS are provided:

Interesting; my instance doesn’t seem to have these scripts. Should they be included with it already or are these scripts I would have to add manually? Of course I can if that’s needed and these look like they would greatly simplify the process of making it happy.

See vm/not-supported at master · nextcloud/vm · GitHub

You really are amazing. What a resource. Thank you for sharing your efforts with us!

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I thought you might like to know that thanks to you I have a functioning backup on my server. I tremendously appreciate your help! I also hope that someone else who is having problems with this can find this and it will resolve their issues as well.

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I have installed the nextcloud VM using Hyper-V on my Windows 11 PC, and would like to use the NTFS-mount script to mount one of the PC’s internal hard drives in the VM so I can use that as a target for the daily backup script.

Is this possible?

I realize this is an old question, but perhaps this will help someone else. I actually came back to review the very helpful information I received back when.

I’m not familiar with the inner workings of Hyper-V, but some of them can expose a physical drive to the VM. You would need to configure it to do so in order to do that because of the way the script is configured. You also might have to dedicate the drive to backup and reformat it, or you might not. You might be able to mount it and use it via the NTFS mount wizard. It’s worth a try if you can expose the drive to the VM. However, it would almost certainly be offline to the Windows OS while it was configured that way, so sharing it would not work. You’d have to manually put it into the VM, and then manually take it back out.