Vite/WebPack builder for App


I am building an app that needs access to a NextCloud modules :

registerFileAction, FileAction, Permission, DefaultType from ‘@nextcloud/files’

In another post ( Import declarations may only appear at top level of a module - #2 by christianlupus ) a user pointed me towards a Vite / Webpack builder to do this, as the traditional js import causes an error (documented in the previously linked post).

Could anyone point me to examples / tutorials on how to develop such an app?
The official documentation page does not have any such examples.

Thaks, best regards

If you download the app skeleton from the app store (just click on creta enew app), this will be bundled with a builder. You can take this as a sketch to get going.

Alternatively, you can use NPM to install either vite or webpack or whatever you consider best suited personally.