Visual Design Approval Processes

Has any design approval process been discussed yet?

Might be worth creating some documentation which users wanting to contribute can follow.
It was started to be discussed here Discuss design changes before implementation but not sure how much came up.

Are you talking about visual design or software architecture design?

Sorry should have been more specific visual design.

Ok. We have the Nextcloud design team that’s just been created on Github ( @nextcloud/designers ask @jan if you wish to be included ) and the irc channel #nextcloud-design on Freenode. Thus far I haven’t seen any Nextcloud specific visual design discussions. It’s early days though, so a great time to jump in and help influence the direction of a rapidly growing project!

I have already been invited to join the designers group on GitHub, thats how I was made aware of this project. Was just curious to see if anything had been mentioned. A private project I worked on before was strict about design changes; still getting used to the open-source aspect.

Ok. Fortunately, we don’t tend to have the same problems many open source projects do, that is, convincing the dev team that there’s actually a benefit to having a unified set of design guidelines that are adhered to across the project, largely to javing @jan onboard as a founding member.

In short, we still need to propose and discuss ideas for overall design prinicpals for the project and come to a general agreement on those. From there we can codify the projects design principals and start working towards them in all aspects of the project. This is largely done by offering suggestions and visual design element creation for devs creating new features / apps.

For a good example of how the public, FOSS based design process works, take a look at the KDE project’s Visual Design Group (VDG).

Knowing the overall design principals would be useful, there’s not much point in me looking at the design until these have been agreed.

Of course. Naturally, you’re more than welcome to join us in forming those initial design principles, as well… :wink:

We will set up a design page soon which will start out very similar to the old one I wrote up at ownCloud: :slight_smile: