[VirtualFileSystem]: user/group based file archiving, automatic unsync from clients

Hey Guys, I ve all my day2day files in a folder called Documents,
this folder is synced across all my devices.

The folder gets bigger and bigger and as the years go by,
there is a lot of data not needed anymore on a daily basis,
or simply to big to waste data on all devices.

So would like to be able to mark those folders or files
as archived/remote only/do not sync, in my local fileexplorer (sync client)
So that all other clients logged in with the same user/from the same usergroup
delete the local version of the file/folder, but keep a placeholder
which tunnels to the remote file, like on a network drive.

By doing so, all newly with this account/usergroup connected devices,
would only sync the not for ‘archive/remote only’ marked files, but still
could see, search for, access and preview thumbnails the files.

I could either access archived files remotely (like on a network drive) or
selectively mark them for “store locally/fully synchronize” directly
on the client device in the fileexplorer, adapting to the use case.

(Connected per LAN, I could stream a videofile, outside I would most likely rather sync
it before playing and later on mark it for not syncing and deleting the local data again)

Is it planned to be implemented with the virtual file system feature?
Is the virtual file system even worked on any more?

[ As it feels a little bit to me the last few years,
the sync client/features being neglected :confused: ]

Thanks and greetings