Virtual storage folders - Enhancement Suggestion

Enhancement Suggestion :

I would like to see the ability to combine multiple file nodes into a folder.
Example Make a file folder called Sales Files.
Make multiple External Storage configurations and for the folder name put
Sales Files\Share1
Sales Files\Share2
Sales Files\Share3

This would visually lump Share1,Share2,Share3 all under Sales Files. User opens Sales Files and they would see the shares they have access to. If a user does not have access to any of those shares, then the Sales Files folder would not display.

This would allow grouping multi shares from multiple locations to make them look like it is just one share.

Hi Jcarter,

You can already do this, users can already rename shared folders, and move them from the root folder to a sub folder. But at this point this has to be done manually by each user.

Thanks for that information, was not aware of that. But was more thinking of admin side, day one, new employee comes in. A Sales Files folder there, with maybe shared files from an SFTP server, another from an SMB server, another from an amazon S3 location. All ready to go.