Virtual files, Dual boot linux & Win10, unsupported reparse tag 0x9000301a

I dual boot win10 and Linux (Manjaro) on my Laptop
In Win I sync my external NTFS HDD Work folder with my Nextcloud Box Ubuntu Appliance RPi
I mistakenly set up the ‘add folder sync connection’ with virtual files support
Then I stopped it and removed it and remade the connection without virtual files (I dont want virtual files)

All working fine in Win, can access the Work folder on the HDD via File Explorer and Nextcloud sync working fine

But, when I boot into Linux and open the file manager (I use pcmanfm), the Work folder on the HDD is a symbolic link and in the properties it says, ‘unsupported reparse tag 0x9000301a’ and I can not open it to view my files

Although I understand virtually (excuse pun) nothing in either of the following links, it seems to be directly linked with cloud on demand …

  • IO_REPARSE_TAG_CLOUD_3 0x9000301A
  • Used by the Cloud Files filter, for files managed by a sync engine such as OneDrive. Server-side interpretation only, not meaningful over the wire.

Can anyone help me to correct this please?
I just want to be able to access that Work folder in Linux again


Well, for anyone in the same situation, I solved it:

I simply made an empty folder on the external HDD called ‘Work1’
copied all my files into it
Renamed ‘Work’ to ‘Work(old)’
Renamed ‘Work1’ to ‘Work’
Deleted empty ‘Work(old)’

All the above in Windows10