Virtual Data Room

Nextcloud offers a virtual data room. Does someone has experience with this?
I’ve got a couple of customers who asked to avoid their internal users to download files from the Nextcloud instance. Virtual data room seems to be more about guest users.

Are there any plans to add possibilities like avoid download of files by internal users? My customers are looking for a system in which users are forced to work only remote/by web. Although I now Nextcloud is not set-up as a system to work only online, i’m wondering if there are any plans to add this kind of functionality.

For customers which are operating in the finance and health sector it’s important that data is not shared outside the system due to privacy and security reasons.

Nextcloud would be a nice solution for them also if it supports to force only remote working.

I think it is a feature in Collabora Online and OnlyOffice.
Watch this video for function and configuration:

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thanks for this!

The challenge in the situation of my customer is that it’s not specifically meant for guests or sharelinks but for employees of the company who have an own account.

There should be limitations(configuration options) on what they may do with the documents. For example they could upload, delete and share, but not download. Or may’be even not share. That should be configurable.

And also avoid that they can synchronize it to desktop or mobile phone.

You could say it’s a comprehensive situation, but I already had a couple of customers who where asking for this. In health and insurance companies.

That is not possible. Every “view” of somethink in the internet is a “download”.

You can use in your browser “network analysis” e.g. F12 and see that all files are downloaded.
But this is a feature in every cloud. Yes you can use e.g. Javascript and other features but the people can perhaps also make a screenshot of the data.

ofcourse a screenshot is always possible. The thing is that some companies want to avoid the download option as much as possible. The more options you have to share the data, the easier it is and the more it is done.

A lot of users who like to have the possibility to download files easily and quickly or non-technical users. And those often don’t know that if something kan be viewed in the browser it’s technically downloaded :wink:

If you share files or directories you can deactivate download in sharing option.

There is a limit to your ability to show data to the user without providing them with the ability to download it. At the most “my users are morons” level, they can take a photograph of their screen and have a copy of the data. You just can’t stop it, all you can do is make yourself look like a fool for trying.

Best option for you might be group folders with advanced permissions enabled.