Virtual Data Room - does it even exist?

As far back in 2019 NC announced with big fanfare that VDR functionality was coming. However, there is no substantial techncal information to be found anywhere, and attempts to contact NC sales support for some guidance has only returned automated answers of absolutely no value.

Is the VDR functionality for real? Is it an app/extension/plugin? How is it installed/configured/setup?

If anyone can shed a light on this I am all ears, as I have been tasked with setting up a VDR for one of my clients.

Henrik Schultz
Senior IT Architect

Not sure if this fits completely, but what about Workspace - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud ?

Appreciate the suggestion, but a VDR is something very specific, with unique features for security, auditing, watermarking, document signing using certificates, and more. The Workspace app does not meet these requirements.
It may appear that NC can meet the above, if you combine a number of other apps, but I had hoped that a more complete had been implemented, particularly because NC GmBH themselves announced it.

I see, thanks for clarification - you have on mind this probably:

There is page on project website about this:

It is documented here:

(only small portion of text - rest available only for Enterprise subscription customers only - maybe ask Nextcloud representatives for access / copy of it?)

Seems what the marketing is saying is:

  • Invite a client to your Nextcloud through a guest account.
  • Interact through Talk and shared upload folders / docs.
  • Never leave your own Nextcloud server.

Make sense? :person_shrugging:

Yes, this is exactly as far as I’ve gotten also :slight_smile:

I then followed the links to “Get more information” or “See Enterprise pricing” but ultimately you always end up in a generic “Get a quote” form. 3 times I have entered my contact information and described my need in different ways, and 3 times I have gotten a generic “we dont care about customers with less than 100 people”. This is such a turn off.

At this point I turned to the forum, and at least there is someone who responds here, thank you! :slight_smile:

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@just this does make sense, and how we are already using NC in other contexts. However this does not comprise a full-fledged VDR.

the chairman of the BoD wants real industry-standard VDR functionality, which is also like “how long time do clients spend on reading a document before they sign”, “who have read it and when”, “have they signed it”, etc.

When you are negotiating multi-million deals in the pharma industry, absolute secrecy, confidentiality and accountability are #1 requirements. And you don’t have to be a 100+ employee company to do so :slight_smile:


While it would be possible to figure out some of the features mentioned in list in blog post and website (for example watermarked read-only viewing of documents, with “who and when accessed them” recorded in flow app), the complexity of installing and settings of all necesery apps (and tweaking for particular case) would be error prone for someone without previous experience with this and without guidance. It is really unfortunate, that Nextcloud company has not established processes to be effective enough to be able to server smaller companies too (i.e. their processes are so expensive for them, that for smaller companies they cannot gain enough money from these business cases to finance necessary amount of their work).

If this business case is to small for Nextcloud company, what about their partners?

The last chance would be to talk directly (don’t know, from whom you get previous three negative answers) someone from Acount Management and Sales Enginering teams - for access at least to mentioned configuration guide (this wouldn’t make any expenses to them) to “Do it yourself”.

Nextcloud is relatively small company - even so it cannot serve other small companies. Are there on market other companies (smaller or bigger), who are able to server small companies in this regard?

Hope it helps