Viewing Users and Groups


Good afternoon, all.
We’ve been using Nextcloud 13.0.5 at my office for about six months as a pilot. As people are using it more, some questions have come up on the UI, particularly around sharing. It doesn’t appear it’s possible for a normal user to view a list of users and/or groups, which means when people want to share to a group, they have to guess what it might be named, and then put it into the box to see if it comes up with anything. Users can click contacts in the upper right, which does show users, but then clicking “all contacts” takes them to an empty contacts area. Shouldn’t this be auto-populated from the users and groups that exist?

Additionally, we’ve run into a case where a user who’s shared on a folder they don’t own can rename that folder locally for them, but it doesn’t actually rename it. This can create a strange situation where the same folder has different names for different users.
Any advice on these?