Viewing Markdown With LaTex


I am using the Markdown Editor together with the Plain text editor in NC 21, and it is nice: I type a LaTex symbol, such as $\alpha$, and it is rendered as a Greek alpha character in the preview.

My question is this: Can LaTex tags be rendered in Nextcloud anywhere outside the Markdown editor? Ideally, I would like them to display correctly in Pico CMS, but I’ve also heard that they are supposed to render if you share the Markdown file through a public link. Doesn’t seem to work for me - is there anything special I need to do?


@jhf welcome to the userforum of Nextcloud.

We cherish your first participation here - thank you.

Though I think it’s a clear problem for Pico CMS-App - where you already have put up a similar/same question.
I’m gonna close that thread here in favor for the other one and ask interested ppl to follwo the link to get into discussion.
Just trying to keep the forum as clean as possible.

Thanks for your understanding