Viewing fotos via public link does not work 18.04

I want to share some photos. -> I created a public link but if then I click on a photo I can see the rotating circle but that’s it. No photo viewable.

My server runs on 18.04 and the photo app. The new photo app still works for me not as expected, so I have also the nc17 Gallery app installed but the gallery app is disabled. Also I struggle with apple heic files, but this is another problem (Yes my imagehack version support heic).

Maybe somebody has an idea why I can’t see my phtotos within shared links.


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I have the exact same problem after updating to 18.0.4. It’s neither user-related, nor does the client have any impact. Maybe it’s some server side setting? My Nextcloud installation is on a shared hoster webspace.

Does anybody have a clue about what may be wrong?

Confirmed. Public shares are not working in 18.0.4

Just tested with a local 18.0.1 instance - works fine… You create a link:

Then paste in an anonymous window:

and clicking the image shows it full screen…

So this works fine?!? I’m not sure what is broken on your system but I suggest removing the gallery app, it might be the problem. Otherwise, we’re working on making the new Photos app available for nicer looking viewing of images but that’ll take some time, it is quite some work.

Help is of course welcome, if you care a lot about this.

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Ok, I had a look at the issue - what you mean is not that you can’t access the images (you can) but that the viewer doesn’t work. This was fixed for 18.0.2 or 18.0.3 but seems broken again in 18.0.4? If that is the case, I can’t test that easily here but I suggest you file an issue here:

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It isn’t broken… It just doesn’t seem to do what you expect it to? At least, it works for me, just tested it.

If you share an individual image, you see a preview, click it and it gets downloaded and you see it in your browser. There is little point in using the viewer here… Same as above in my earlier post -> same as before.

If you share a folder, the viewer is used to cycle through the images. You have to download them individually by clicking the 3 dots and choosing download. There is no download button in the viewer. That would be a good addition at some point but simply is not done yet.

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Can you check “Network” in developer panel, instead of “Console”? Any request failed?

I checked the the network panel if I open a photo in a shred link. It looks like that the process did’t find the photo…

I have the same behavior in shared links if I switch to the new photo app.

For testing purposes, I created such a link:

Following are some screenshots. When opening the link, console shows this:

After clicking one of the images, the network tab shows this error, and keeps showing the load animation forever:

There seem to be a problem with some strict server setting, but this is a bit over my level of experience. As suggested, I should file this as an issue.

I can’t post many images at once, so I need to post this in several postings. Sorry about that.

There are some GET requests denied because of CSP, but they get loaded later (third screenshot), so I’d guess that that’s not the problem:

You need to disable the Photo Sphere Viewer App 1.0.8. Otherwise the photos were downloaded instead of displayed in the browser.

(NC 18.0.4 with official Fotos App)

Did you changed something? Because for me it works fine also PROPFOUND is ended with 200:

In Console I have Warnings, but no errors.
What is you Browser? I try it with Firefox 74

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As suggested, I went to Github where there were an issue filed already. The reason why my instance was not working was the sharing option: Allow users on this server to send shares to other servers. I disabled this long ago. With NC 18.x apparently this got another meaning or interpretation by the developers, so to get public links working again, I just needed to activate this setting.

Thanks for trying to help.

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I think if this is disabled “public links” also should not be allowed. So all is ok and it was a security problem in further releases. Nothing to change or include additional sharing options in the settings.

I also disabled this option long time ago. Now it’s active and (photo) shares are displayed again. Thanks a lot.
But I still can’t understand what has this sharing opting to do with shared links… Anyway it works now.

No it’s active…

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