View sender address?

Is there a way to display the sender address?
That’s quite important for spam detection :wink:

Also, not sure if it’s only me, but “show source” seems to do nothing.

Mail 2.1.1 on NC 25.0.1


I think Nextcloud Mail is only a mail client. For spam detection i think you must look on your mail server configuration.

Sure, but spam detection software are not perfect.

Simply showing the actual address is a great way to assess whether it’s junk or not.



I agree with @koying here. And honestly, I also find these over-simplified interfaces in many modern apps kind of annoying. But in email clients they are not just annoying, they are actually preventing users from making informed decisions, whether they should trust an email or not.

And I find it kind of ironic that on the one hand, you can read tips and articles everywhere on how to protect yourself from phishing emails, of which one important element is to look at the sender’s address. And on the other hand, more and more email clients (not just Nextcloud Mail) make it difficult or even impossible to do this, because they are hiding important information from the user. And no, looking at the source code of every email is not a solution. :wink: I want to see the actual sender address right in the mail overview of my inbox, or at least in the email view.

If you for example receive emails from PayPal, Nextcloud Mail only shows PayPal. This could either be legit:

PayPal <>

or it could be phishy:

PayPal <emails.paypal@someotherdomain.tld>
PayPal <emails@paypal.someotherdomain.tld>
PayPal <someothername@someotherdomain.tld>

Btw. Geary is a good example how you can keep an Email Client simple, while still providing the necessary information:


Has there be a solution yet?
IMO this is really important.
I’d open an issue on Github.

There is one now:


Any reason this is taking quite a bit of time to be implemented ?