View profile of other users as contacts?

Hello everyone,

I have been searching around the forums and the manuals for quite some time, but I can’t seem to find an explanation or solution, so I hope anyone here can help me.

I’m using Nextcloud obviously and have created several users. Those users can edit their own profile and add their phone number, web address, email address, mailing address et cetera.

However, I can’t seem to find out how another user can view this information. I had expected all users to just show up in ‘contacts’ with all information visible for everyone. But internal users are not shown there. You can find them in the top right corner (in the blue bar) with the ‘people’ icon. But the information shown there is incomplete, eg. you can only see an email address, but there seems to be no way to view a phone number or shipping address.

Is there a way to get internal users to show up in Contacts? Perhaps in a different group ‘internal users’ or something?
If not: what’s the point of entering your address or phone number in your profile? Where else can it be found by other users?



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Unfortunately this function hasn’t yet been implemented, but it is already being worked on the implementation:

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Thanks for your answer, glad that it’s being addressed!

It’s a bit strange to be able to edit your own profile and not being able to access it anywhere.
The internal address book PR you mentioned seems like a fine solution.

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