View photos based in tags

currently you can view tagged photos, but say you have 10 photos tagged holiday and you want to see them sequentially, you currently cant do that because, lets say these 10 photos are in some directories with other photos the viewer will show you the one tagged photo holiday, but when you want to view the next holiday tagged photo you will see other photos in that current directory. it would be a great feature and added value for nextcloud to be able to view photos sequentially based on tags.

please let me know if this is currently possible and if not if this indeed is a good feature to have.


That’s exactly what I am looking for as well, since I’d like to use my NextCloud Instance as kind of picture storage for quite a lot pictures, which are all tagged.

So far I was able to extract the EXIF data from the jpgs and add them into the needed oc_ tables via database connect from a shell script. :wink: But this is a modification of the viewer, which I’m not able to script/write. Are there any suggestions?

try new photo gallery in nextcloud hub 18

Okay, - if I understood you correctly - this feature will be implemented in version 18 of nextcloud, isn’t it?

Thanks for the info.

Off-Topic: Is there yet any timeline for the release of version 18, since version 17 has been recently released and is currently “fresh off the boat”.

nc 18 is already released
you can try nc18 here