View only on Excel, Word, Powerpoint files

Hello Everyone!

First of all new user and so far loving next cloud.

We share a lot of files with people outside our company that are typically Excel, Word, Powerpoint files, etc,

I know I can lock the files but is there a way to just show them like the PDF viewer?

I know in the past Microsoft used to have pure viewers to see these files but is there a way to replicate that in NextCloud?

Thank you for your patience with a noob question and thank you for letting me know how/if it can be done.

You want built-in tools to view Word/Excel/PPoint files stored on Nextcloud?
There are two Office options - OnlyOffice and Collabora - that are Nextcloud apps.
Install either and any Nextcloud user will be able to view the files inside the browser…

Thank you!