Videoplayback slow load-time


I’m just setting up Nextcloud on Ubuntu 20.04 + mySQL. I can feel a delay in the WebUI when trying to play .mp4-video-files. Several seconds of load-time before the video starts. I’m on local network. No load.

I compare with my “old” Seafile installation, where the playback starts immediately…

See the network tab in Chrome:

Also notice the canceled respons, that happens sometimes…

PHP memory 2048, 8GB RAM allot of vCPU. :slight_smile:
Is it just normal, or do I need to tweak something even more?

It get even worse when I mount a SMB-share and map it up as a external storage (local). It feels like the video first needs to be fetched to the NextCloud server from the share in full length. And then the streaming can start… Is it this way? Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

Next update…
Switched to FTP backend and it seems to be more responsive here!
Any thoughts?