Videojs app question

I’m trying to add a commenting skin to the video viewer on nextcloud so I can replace multiple subscriptions to other sites, but hitting a bit of a wall. I can’t get the skin or even modifications of the skin to show up using a modified version of the files_videoplayer on github.

I’m trying to use this project as a base:

I know pydio enterprise has integrated this same plugin, so I feel like there’s a possibility but I don’t know if I’m hitting a wall with the videojs version or what. So far I’ve tried the two suggestions on their page, and tried just inserting their code snippet into videojs, and of course downloading folders from their build file, but no matter what I do the player always stays the same, as if it’s defaulting to a fallback player. I also tried inserting the Javascript into every page with the separate plugin with nextcloud.

Im very green with js so this is probably over my head and the minified code confuses me but any help on at least what I should be modifying would help.

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