Video thumbnails NOT showing Nextcloud AIO "NC28"

Nextcloud version: Nextcloud AIO v7.11.0
Operating system and version: Unraid 6.12.8
Apache or nginx version Nginx v2.10.4
PHP version - Notsure

When i originally set up my nextcloud (NC26) i seemed to have video thumbnails, since updating to NC 28 i dont…

I cant find any information on setting up Video Thumbnails in NC28 “AIO”

Please can anyone point me int the right direction?

Do you have ffmpeg installed?

Yes, AIO has ffmpeg installed by default

One of the solutions, i wondered if i needed to install ffmpeg…

I thought that video thumbnails might be visable by default…

Yes, video thumbnails should work in AIO by default because it ships ffmpeg out of the box.

My nextcloud is running really well however i do seem to have a few errors and warnings - I have another post regarding some of them…

Is there a command i can run to check this is set up correctly? (possibly my whole Nextcloud instance as well lol)

so looking like another fresh install… maybe im istalling it wrong. I would follow the below steps:

Reset the instance = GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: The official Nextcloud installation method. Provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance.

Re-install NC aio =

I have followed both these instruction previously all apart from the “data” folder permission, in my case i just set to allow all read/write.

Can someone please help me, i dont want to do this again if i will just end up in the same hole.

Another clean installation has fixed this issue…

What I find strange is I have followed these 2 guides maybe 4 times now. I am following them in the same way each time and getting different results each time.

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