Video export failed - Code 11838

Hi, I’ve installed ios client from appstore, everything went smooth till video uploads. I’m getting below error and errors keeps popping up. I’ve translated strings as client language was set to Turkish.

Video export failed [Error Domain=AVFoundationErrorDomainCode=-11838 “Operation Halted” UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x174a44530 {Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomainCode=-12109 “(null)”},NSLocalizedFailureReason=Operation is not permitted for this environment., NSLocalizedDescription=“Operation Halted” ]

Besides that i’m gettin such error as well, hoping nc client not deleting files.
Upload xxxx.mp4
Too many error, file deleted

I have the same problem.

same problem here… using IOS11

same problem, using latest Testfly Build

I’ve been getting this consistently for a few months now, too

Would be nice to know whats going on

Fixed, available from the next version


Hi iOS. I have updated everything possible, my iphone 7 to newest iOS and nextcloud to latest version. I still have this error when trying to export video files over 150 mb. How do I solve this problem?

Any idea when the next version with a fix will be available? It’s quote annoying… :disappointed:


one of my users is having the same issue.

iOS: 11.2
Nextcloud Server: 12.0.4
Nextcloud iOS:

this is happening on an iPhone 7 Plus while trying to upload .mov files.

the issue IS NOT happening on an iPhone 7 with the same type of files.

Also, the server is not showing any errors in the log.

Hoping to get some help.


Available … soon :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m using an iPhone 6+ with these versions as well and still having this issue.
iOS: 11.2
Nextcloud Server: 12.0.4
Nextcloud iOS:

I noticed that the latest update to the NextCloud iOS in the App Store says it fixed this issue. That said, it was put up one month ago where 8 days ago the dev said a fix is coming here. I’m wondering if perhaps the fix went up and is supposed to be part of the iOS Nextcloud Or if the fix is still forthcoming?



Nextcloud server:
Nextcloud iOS client:
iOS: 11.2

Hello @ios ,

First of all, thank you for these contributions.

I wanted to ask you the following:

  • I have installed Nextcloud App on my Iphone 6S (ios 10.3.2) and upload the photos and videos on my nextcloud server. However, the .mov videos do not upload and it says “Upload file, internal server error”. How can I solve that?

  • On the other hand, with the photos uploaded does not increase the space on my iphone and I have marked that “optimized photo resolution”. Why does not my space increase on the Iphone while the photos are up?

  • What is the purpose of “clean cache” in Nextcloud app?

NC: 12.0.4
NC app:

Thank you very much!!!