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Hi everyone

I’m using nextcloud 15.0.7 and I just uploaded some pictures and videos from our last hike. So I wanted to share it with everyone (even if they didn’t have nextcloud or its client).

So I made an extra (password protected). Everyone can see it - no problem. But iOS user (maybe android, too) can only download the pictures to their phone. The video start immediately with no possibility to download it to the phone.

Is there a possibility to download the video (not with the app/client) from the web to the phone? The way Googe Drive it does.

Greetings from germany

I think, this is a configuration issue of the web browser on your iPhone and not an issue on the server. If you would have asked aunt G. for advice, she had given e.g. this answer.

Ok, but why does it work in Google Drive? Therfore it’s not an issue of the browser.

Google seems to make something that I could download on iOS from the web.

I don’t know what Google is doing but the action which is taken by a browser is usually based on the used file MIME type. If e.g. video/mp4 is provided the action could be to open the file in the video player app, but if application/octet-stream is used it could force a direct download.

On a desktop PC you can check how different mime types are handled in the browser configuration but I haven’t found a way to do the same on an iPhone yet.

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The funny thing is that on the same iPhone, in the same browser and with the same video it works with Google Drive, but not with nextcloud.

Therefore I thought it has to do with nextcloud.

I’m sorry, I have to apologize.

I didn’t prove it on google drive. I have relied on the statement of a friend. He send me screenshots. And there it looked like I described.

Now I tried it on Google Drive myself and it won’t work.
So I had to check first his way.

Sorry (I will kill him for this statement)

mea culpa.

Now I talk nearly an hour with that guy. I explaind every. single. step. I. did. And showed that it doesn’t work.

Then after nearly an hour he casually mentions that he is using the google drive-app.

Ok, I will kill him the next time I’ll see him.

Sorry, I trusted his screenshots and explanations. But he didn’t tell me he is using that f**king app.

Sorry again.

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