Video Call Security Feature


The video call feature is very nicely working within Intranet and over Internet. The public call by sending link is also working. However, we feel to have following features for video call for public i.e. non nextcloud user

  • Link should have expiry date. How to set expiry date for video call link?

  • Enable feature userwise i.e. only allowed user should have this features. This is in addition to group.

  • Public Video Call Link should have password.

  • Public video call link should work only when original user (i.e. nextcloud user who created public link) is
    not logged in. At present, it allows public users to establish the call with another user who has same link. This may be secure issue. Hence, expiry of link is very important.

Is there a way to setup above or any plan in next release?

We hope this features will make video call feature more secure.

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